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Where do we get inefficient today?

  • Lenghty wait time to get a quote
  • Complex quotes "subject to"
  • Poor prioritization of flight requests
  • Low conversion rates
  • Difficulty filling empty legs
  • Lack of anticipation of fleet demand & location
  • Unnecessary repositionning legs
Network Optimization
The RISE software solution uses our proprietary algorithms to automate networks and aircraft schedules to ensure they are optimal, benefiting financially both the operator and the customer.
Key Features
  • Mitigate empty flights
  • Less energy costs
  • Less maintenance costs
Responsive Scheduling
A modern customer in 2022 expects a seamless booking process. Hence operators need instant scheduling to be able to offer such a seamless customer experience
Key Features
  • Instant aircraft capacity response
  • Automated scheduling
  • Modern interface
Electric Aircraft
Hybrid and full electric aircraft are coming to the market but operators will face some challenges given the reduced range and requirement to recharge before each flight. The RISE solution enables operators to smoothly integrate electric aircraft into their operations.
Key Features
  • Prioritise electric flights
  • Takes charging stations into account
  • Minimise CO2 emissions

Operators can increase efficiency at every stage of the flight sale-planning-dispatch

Which requests should we prioritize?
What's the best aircraft to answer the customer's request while minimizing repositioning flights ?
Considering demand and competition, what is the optimal selling price?
How can I generate custom and accurate quotes within seconds ?

RISE boosts the operator’s efficiency using three levers

Sales process
quotation tool
Answer customer requests with instant & targeted quotes
Forecasting intelligence
RISE forecast
analysis tool
Increase profitability with forecast analysis and revenue management
Operating plans
RISE fleet
Optimize your schedule to minimize empty legs and maximize fleet usage
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