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Business aviation software. Go Lean, Go Green

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Business aviation lacks efficiency and environmental ambition

Of flights operated by private aviation are empty
A private jet emits 5x more CO2 per seat-km than a large aircraft
The first is making significant efficiency gains
Reducing empty flights would have consequential benefits such as :
Slash unnecessary CO2 emissions
Cut down energy cost
Lower maintenance needs
The other is accelerating the use of Hybrid & Electric Aircraft
Limited Range

Energy density in batteries is currently around 200 Wh/kg and growing, but still a long way from what kerosene can deliver. As a result the electric aircraft we will see emerge in the next few years will have a range limited to a few hundred km.

Lack of Charging Stations

Electric aircraft will require charging stations. But a standard is yet to be defined, and most airports/airfields have not planned such infrastructure at this stage. As a result, electric aircraft will have to be operated in an environment with very few stations.

Hence there are two priorities for the industry


Go Lean

Customer expectations are changing, the public’s opinion is shifting, and regulators are starting to act. Business aviation needs to improve on anticipation, digitization, and optimization if it is to prosper. RISE brings the solutions for leaner sales and operations, and a real financial upside.

Go Green

RISE helps operators get on the path to carbon neutrality. We apply immediate solutions such as smarter fleet positioning and routing optimization. We also provide operators an opportunity to model their future fleets, including the use of electric & hydrogen aircraft.
Develop our proprietary algorithms
Demonstrate our software’s effectiveness in real life
Promote and commercialize our software
Our vision
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