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RISE is working to further enhance your efficiency

Contrail reduction
Traffic forecasting

Why avoiding contrails matters ?

Why ?

Contrails are those cirrus clouds generated as the engine exhausts condensate behind the aircraft.

In recent years, scientist have agreed that contrails generate more global warming than CO2 emissions

Business jets fly a vast number of routes, higher than commercial traffic, which makes them the perfect testbed for contrail avoidance experiments.

How can RISE help?

Business aviation is a specific industry in that the flights are never the same, and timings can change until the last minute. As such, contrails cannot be managed using trends or ‘portfolios of flights’. Instead, one needs to apply a specific analysis to each new flight.

RISE is part of a consortium to pioneer contrail avoidance within business aviation. Get in touch for more information.

Traffic forecasting ... what for ?

Why ?

Business aviation traffic is driven by the customers' needs and location.

Knowing the future traffic can help an operator position its fleet in the most appropriate way. It can also help decide to sell a flight or not, to price up or down.

Hence why Traffic Forecasting can play a role in improving efficiency. 

How can RISE help?

RISE has developed a web-based application displaying traffic forecasting data for business aviation.

The predictions are based on more than 15 years of historical data processed by an advanced mathematical model developed by RISE.

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